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This is a scan/OCR of Exhibits H and J from the Twitter v. Musk case, with some of the conversations de-interleaved and of course converted from a fuzzy scan to text to make for easier reading.

I did this so that I could easily read this and, after reading it, I've found that most accountings of what was said are, in one way or another, fairly misleading. Since the texts aren't all that long, if you're interested in what they said, I would recommended that you just read the texts in their entirety (to the extent they're available โ€”ย the texts make it clear that some parts of conversations are simply not included) instead of reading what various journalists excerpted, which seems to sometimes be deliberately misleading because selectively quoting allows them to write a story that matches their agenda and sometimes accidentally misleading because they don't know what's interesting about the texts.

If you want to compare these conversations to other executive / leadership conversations, you can compare them to Microsoft emails and memos that came out of the DoJ case against Microsoft and the Enron email dataset.

Since this was done using OCR, it's likely there are OCR errors. Please feel free to contact me if you see an error.

Exhibit H

Exihibit J

Equity / financing commitments from 2022-05-05 SEC filing

If you're curious about the outcomes of the funding discussions above, the winners are listed in the Schedule 13D

Thanks to @tech31842, @agentwaj, and mr. zip for OCR corrections