Transcript of Elon Musk on stage with Dave Chapelle | I'm trying some experimental tiers on Patreon to see if I can get to substack-like levels of financial support for this blog without moving to substack!

This is a transcription of videos Elon Musk's appearance on stage with Dave Chapelle using OpenAI's Whisper model with some manual error corrections and annotations for crowd noise.

As with the Exhibit H Twitter text message release, there are a lot of articles that quote bits of this, but the articles generally missing a lot of what happened and often paint a misleading picture of happened and the entire thing is short enough that you might as well watch or read it instead of reading someone's misleading summary. In general, the media seems to want to paint a highly unflattering picture of Elon, resulting in articles and virtual tweets that are factually incorrect. For example, it's been widely incorrectly reported that, during the "I'm rich, bitch" part, horns were played to drown out the crowd's booing of Elon, but the horn sounds were played when the previous person said the same thing, which was the most cheered statement that was recorded. The sounds are much weaker when Elon says "I'm rich, bitch" and can't be heard clearly, but it sounds like a mix of booing and cheering. It was probably the most positive crowd response that Elon got from anything and it seems inaccurate in at least two ways to say that horns were played to drown out the booing Elon was receiving. On the other hand, even though the media has tried to paint as negative a picture of Elon as possible, it's done quite a poor job and a boring, accurate, accounting of what happened in many of other sections are much less flattering than the misleading summaries that are being passed around.