Meckwell Lite relays and asking bids | Patreon

These were some notes my partner and I used when I played bridge for a few months in 2018. I picked up bridge again in late 2013 and am playing a different system but, since this page still gets some traffic, I'm leaving it up.

Basic 1♣ (16+ or 17+ balanced)

TODO: continue notes from top of pp. 20.

After 1♦-2♣/2♦

If balanced, priority bid by opener is 2♥ to hide info in case of 3NT (except for 1♦-2♦-2NT/3NT). Can reveal support later if responder indicates slam interest.

If unbalanced (singleton/void), opener should bid 2♠ or 3♣ or (very rarely, when applicable) 3M.

If responder is a passed hand (limited to 10HCP):

After 1♦-2♥/2♠ (reverse Flannery)

2♥: 5♠, 4 or 5♥, 6-9HCP. 2♠: 5♠, 4 or 5♥, invitational. As responder, do not use Flannery with GF hand. Instead, respond 1♠, and continue as normal.

After 2♣-2♦

3M responses are exactly 5 because responder would've responded to opening bid with 3♣/3♦/3♥ invitational transfers with 6+.

After 2♣-2NT

There isn't a need to show 5 clubs because, with a 5-club GF hand, responder would've bid 2♦ followed by 3♦ for a slam try in clubs

After 2♦-2NT

2NT is an asking bid. With 5 of a major and 7-9HCP, responder can respond with 3M. If invitational and looking for 5-3/4-4/5-4 fit (or NT game), can respond 2NT.